A New Vision for Kogod

Since my last post, I’ve been swept up in the rush of the fall semester, just as our students are. On the docket were travels to New York (for our annual Wall Street trip), the renewal of our AACSB accreditation, and finalizing Kogod’s new strategic vision, among other things.

I am very eager to share the strategic vision with you. The vision is the result of an inclusive process that involved input from all our constituents, including alumni. The challenge was to find something that organically reflected the strengths of our community, and will prove to be a market differentiator for our school.

This new vision will provide a roadmap for everyone at Kogod—faculty, staff, others—to be working in the direction I have laid out.

As I worked with various groups to identify our strengths, the resulting vision naturally unfolded. As I presented the idea to various stakeholders, it was met time and again with nods of approval.

Our new vision is built upon Kogod’s commitment to the belief that profit and purpose are not at odds. We fundamentally believe that future business leaders need to be able to think carefully about the sustainability and impact of their company’s operations. Our graduates will be best prepared to lead in private and public sectors, and they will understand and demonstrate the balance between profit and purpose.

We have always built the Kogod education on strong business fundamentals, but we will enhance them with:

  • Making experiential learning, which is already occurring across the school, a top priority.
  • Creating a deeper understanding of the roles private, public, and nonprofit organizations play, and how they are connected to one another.
  • Further developing a global perspective in our students.

These three pillars will provide the structure for infusing the vision into all we do, and will become a distinct part of all our degree programs.

As I get together with business leaders and share this with them, their feedback is consistently positive.

When I recently met with the CEO of a major energy company in South America, I told him that Kogod believes profit and purpose are not at odds, and this belief will help our students be more successful. He stopped me and said, “No. You are wrong.”

I looked at him, surprised, until he continued: “You cannot be successful in the long run unless you believe that.”

As we forge ahead with implementing the vision, we will be looking for new ways to grow Kogod’s presence in Washington, D.C. and globally. We’ll be exploring the possibility of new research centers, new partnerships, and piloting new ideas. I will update you on our progress, dear readers, and I encourage you to email me with your thoughts.

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